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Track list
Danish jazz group founded by six school teachers in 1971.

Playing traditional New Orleans jazz the two recordings from the band are not typical for Spectator Records catalogue.

Two of the mebers of the band, Jens "Memphis" Nielsen and Jens-Bjørn Hansen has been  members of the band "De Gyldne Løver" since early seventies.

* Teachers All Stars, same, Spectator Records sl 1039, 1972.
* Teachers All Stars + Loys Choquart , In Denmark, Spectator Records sl 1049, 1972
Side A
West End Blues, Panama Rag, Wining Boy Blues, Mahogany Hall Stomp, Chimes Blues.

Side B
Hiawatha Rag, Black and Tan Fantasy, Fish Seller, Basin Street Blues, St. Louis Blues.