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Rock group from the city Esbjerg formed in 1969. Ended in the beginning of 1972.

Guitar based  bluesrock inspireret by Cream , Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Danish cult band Steppeulvene.

One of the most sought after albums from  Spectator Records.

Lin up: Søren Højbjerg (guitar), Jørgen Villadsen (vocal, bass), Henrik Laurvig (drums).

* Changes, Spectator Records, 1971

Side A:
I'm Coming Home (Moses/Laurvig)
Everything Is Changed (Moses/Laurvig)

Side B:
Beginning (Moses)
Skæv (Moses/Laurvig)
Warning (Moses/Laurvig

Listen to the album here


Matrix: SL 2037 (stamped)

Folded type cover originally with plastic outer.

A second pressing is known to excist - with glued cover.

Coverdesign: Marianne Rostgaard Evald.

Produced by  Jørgen Bornefelt.

bootfront Several bootlegs are known. Some
of them can be difficult to know from the original.

A common bootleg has glued cover. It has "Drone syndicate DS-5" printed in lower right corner on the back. Labels: Side B has the Spectator Records logo and  track listing and "Sida B 33rpm" printed. Side A has a black/white reproduktion of the cover art.

bootlabel Also issued with black front cover from Bullshit Records München (see pics).

Issued as Shadoks 120.

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