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Folk based rytmic freaky music with a great deal of improvisation. Changed name to "Hyldemors lyksaligheder"in 1973.

Prinsesseværelset is one of the most hype recordings from  Spectator Records.

Band on this record: Vivi Jo Heede  (vocal), Anthony Barnett (flute, percussion a.o.), Mikkel Bayer (cello), Jens Hansen
(guitar), Thorbjørn Thomsen (guitar, vocal), Hans Vinding (guitar, vocal) and Emmerik Warburg (flute).

* Prinsessevaerelset, Spectator Records SL 1017, 1970
* Same (recorded live i "Huset" i København), Røde Roser, RR 1, 1971 (extremely rare)
*Hyldemor, Glem det hele, CBS 83243, 1978 (Hans Vinding  in front with a partly new band).
*Hyldemor,  Alt for meget at gøre/Glem det hele, CBS 7200,  7" single, 1978.

Side 1:
Den gule filthatmand

Kom lad os dulme vores nerver lidt

Side 2:

detalje The band did the artwork by hand on the cover. Check the creativity - click on the image .

The first copies came with a xerox lyric insert. Check insert here

Reissued once on Spectator with a slightly different label - no "copyright Spectator Music Production" under "Folkscene" - see pictures above. The cover excists with opening at the left and a the right.
Flip back cover .

Check additional details here (in Danish).

Reissued recently (2007 or 2008) on Little Weird Records - with the original cover design. Available on the net for aprox. 20 dollar.