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1st press label. Framed "Spectator". No ncb. Stamped matrix.
3rd label
Probably 3rd press (Different text style. No ncb and no made in Denmark. Stamped matrix.)
2nd press label. Framed "Spectator" and "records" printed below. No ncb. Stamped matrix. 
4rd press label (Framed ncb. Stamped matrix. No made in Denmark.)
  Track list

Side 1:
Bra Joe from Kilimanjaro
Selby (That eternal spirit is the only reality)

The Moon

Side 2:
Sunset in blue
Jabulani - easter joy
Flute behold the night and day gently they give way to each other dear brothers


Recorded live in "Jazzhus Montmatre" in Copenhagen october 22.  1969.

Dollar Brand is identical with the South African jazz pianist Xahuri Abdullah Ibrahim.

Xahuri Abdullah Ibrahim has recorded many albums trough the years. Check his  website .

Recordings on Spectator Records:
* African piano, Spectator Records SL 1005, 1970
* African sun , Spectator Records SL 1025, 1972


First press cover is the folded type and came with plastic outer.

Later pressing covers are glued.

Sold in more than 1.000 copies this recording was a gigantic succes for a jazz record in Denmark  and especially for a Spectator Records album.

At least five different Spectator pressins ars known.

Later reissued on the German label Japo Records and on the Japanese label Trio Record. Available on cd.

(Thanx to a.o.  to Claus Rasmussen and to Kimio from Japan.)

3rd label
Probably 5th press label (Different text style. With ncb and made in Denmark. Stamped matrix.)