logo     Cinderella, Danish progressive Rock 1970, sl 1041-47


Track list


This record does not really belong here since it was released in 1990. BUT. They were ready to record their first album in august 1972 when the Spectator company and the master tapes burned to the ground.

The tunes on the record are from old tapes from back then.

Band line up: Allan Vokstrup (drums), Henning Kragh Pedersen (guitar & vocal) and Søren Hilligsøe (bass & vocal).

Musical they belong to the family of Blues Addicts and Terje, Jesper & Joachim .

Other recordings:
Kong Galars Sang/Udkoksning I 3 Satser , Spectator Records MES 110 (Very rare).
Side A
Break Song Incl. RedHouse (Cinderella, Hendrix)
Carlt (Cinderella, Fenger)
Parhman Farm (Allison)

Side B
Sexbombe (Cinderella, Hendrix)
Fire (Hendrix)
Ana-T-Nas (Cinderella)
Mr. Vild (Vokstrup)

Cover is glued.

The label "Spectacular Records" is a "shaddow" of the original - design, even catalogue number fits in the line of Spectator Records.

Reissued in 2006 on the Danish Karma label