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label 3
Track list

Side 1:
Naima (Coltrane),
One for Alice,
Blues to someone,

Side 2:
Dansevise +,
Requiem for Martin Luther King,
Before sunrise (Nætter på Vallekilde) 


First recorded on Carsten Meinerts own label, M.S. Records S 1001, in 1968 (red and blue label) with glued "M.S. Records" cover.

Reissued on Spectator Records i 1969 (blue label) with the typical folded type cover. Same print as the M.S. edition but wit "Spectator" printed instead of "M.S. Records".

Reissued in 2015 on Frederiksberg Records (FRB 002). Available on ebay and Discogs (winther 2016).


Jazz band from late sixties. Inspiration from af John Coltrane.
Band on this recording: Henrik Hove (bas), Ole Mathiessen (piano), Carsten Meinert (tenor sax) and Ole Streenberg (drums).

Carsten Meinret recordings on Spectator Records:

* To you, Spectator Records SL 1001, 1969
* CM Musictrain, Spectator Records SL 1007, 1970

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