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Track list
Erling Bjerno (1929-2019) was a Danish, self-taught pianist and composer. He made his debut with his first symphony in 1961. Organist of the Ansgar Kirke in Aalborg from 1967 - 1996. Teacher at the Nordjysk Musikkonservatorium.

He wrote chamber music, works for chorus, theater, radio, television, five symphonies, oratoria, masses and cantata's.

Samsøgade Skoles Kor - the choir at a primary school in Århus  - sings Christmas songs on this EP. Style is experimental.

This EP is from 1970 and was only available at the label - not in the record shops. Probably the rarest record from Spectator Records.

Erling D. Bjerno recorded  another single/EP as a private pressing on Spectator Record: "Gå ud i alverden/Veni Domine". It was never released, according to mr. Bjerno due to bad sound quality of the pressing.

A third record was planned but never recorded because of the fire in 1972.

Side A
Astronomsang, Jødesang, Herodessang, Mariasang, Fødsel.

Side B
Kristussang, Hyrdesang, Flugtsang, Barnemordet i Bethlehem, Uforanderligheden, Stjernen.